[OFFICIAL PHOTO] Teva Sandals - Minhyuk Hyunsik Sungjae with 4Minute’s Gayoon and Sohyun.

not to ignore the followings : in terms of work, love, relationship with people, my dreams - BTOB’s Changsub

Changsub agrees everything what sungjae is saying...
my favorite Changjae moments 2/

eunkwang and porn 

ilsoo0n : 

When asked what boy groups she’s into recently, Lizzy said EXO and BTOB^^

[VID] 140408 Orange Caramel talking about BTOB @ MTV 60s Interview (min 1:11)

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i could never be so true / and be here with you / i'm gonna give it a try / just for tonight / feels good / just for tonight.

140408 BTOB’s Cool Men-Chorong’s phone call cut.

: 140404 사랑과 전쟁 캡쳐3 ()


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